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Brussels’ specialities you absolutely need to discover

Updated on 8/09/2020

Everyone knows the Manneken Pis, the Comic Book Museum and the famous Belgian humour, but probably a lot less about the specialities of Brussels. However, a trip to the Belgian capital can be a great opportunity to make gastronomic discoveries... Here are our favourites.

The famous Belgian chips

How can you not think about chips when you think about Belgian cuisine? In Brussels, there are lots of chip shops, but few are as legendary as La Maison Antoine, located on Place Jourdan. There are rules about cooking chips: They must be deep-fried twice, at two different temperatures and it must be done in beef fat! Whatever you do, don't miss out!


You can also go to Place St Catherine's to visit "Frite Atelier", where you can taste delicious handmade chips by chef Sergio Herman made from Agria potatoes, originally from Zeeland.

These chips are accompanied by traditional Belgian dishes and there are other Belgian specialities available, such as Flemish chops.

A waffle for a gourmet snack

French fries workshop Brussels

Warm, crispy, sweet, topped with cream or chocolate, the Brussels waffle is a must-try speciality that will warm you up even on the coldest winter days. Not just in cafes, you can also find it on street stands that are easily identified thanks to the delicious scents that drift from them in your direction. Nourishing and invigorating, they are a taste of childhood that delights everyone.

The legendary Belgian beer

More than just one of Brussels' specialities, beer is a real institution, a way of life. Open the doors and step into a traditional café, which are found in all the capital's districts, and immerse yourself in a delightfully warm and welcoming atmosphere. The beer menu is endless: from the famous abbey beers to lambics and the beers brewed by small artisanal brewers, they’ve got everything. Have a chat with the person sitting next to you and ask their opinion on the best local beer to try!

Discover Brussels’ cuisine

Belgian fries

Brussels also has several traditional dishes, updated for modern tastes. Available in both inexpensive and gourmet restaurants, they are ideal for a romantic break. Bois de la Cambre, place du Sablon, there’s no shortage of romantic places to eat in Brussels and they are the ideal setting to discover the Brussels stoemp, a kind of vegetable and potato mash accompanied by a sausage, or the waterzooi, a kind of fish or poultry stew.

Living like the locals

As a very cosmopolitan capital, Brussels has integrated the best of all the culinary traditions of its guests. Thus the tradition of English brunch is well developed.


As a must for city dwellers at the weekend, it offers a mix of traditional dishes and imported specialities. Finally, don't forget to take break during your day in Brussels and taste the speculoos, little brown sugar and cinnamon biscuits, and of course, the chocolates...


Brussels is undoubtedly a gourmet capital, to be explored as soon as you can!

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