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An unforgettable Valentine's Day in Brussels

Updated on 4/02/2020

When you think of the city of love, you can imagine Venice and its gondolas, or Paris and its river boats. However, Brussels knows how to present magnificent surprises and is the perfect capital for a Valentine's Day celebration. An evening stroll or a romantic dinner? Here are some ideas for all tastes and budgets to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Romantic walks and locations

Romantic walk Brussels

Start your Valentine's Day in Brussels exploring charming places. Why not stop for a moment at the Poelaert Square, at the foot of the gigantic Justice Palace? The view of Brussels is breath-taking. Monuments and roofs spread out in front of you as if on a postcard.

The nearby Sablon district also invites you to walk hand in hand: antique shops, old facades and small romantic cafés will colour your journey. Finally, for a moment in the green, go to the King's gardens or those of the Mont des Arts... Century-old trees, paths and perspectives and statues create an ideal setting for tender moments.

For a scrumptious Valentine's Day in Brussels

Chocolate makers Brussels

Suited for very small budgets, a simple hot and crunchy waffle will be enough to delight you! You will find them on every street corner, the one more fragrant and delicious than the last. Don't hesitate to take refuge in a romantic and intimate café, such as the “Fabrique en Ville” terrace, to explore the beer menus in a green atmosphere… what a delight. If you have a little more time, take a tour of the capital's chocolate artisans: the luxury of the famous Pierre Marcolini, the legendary Jean Galler and, of course, Leonidas and its white chocolate delicacies.

You will discover places where know-how is passed on from master to apprentice and where gourmet delicacies are taken very seriously.

For a romantic evening, the city is full of small local restaurants for all budgets. In the gardens, in listed buildings or in the popular and welcoming districts, you will find the Valentine's Day restaurant in Brussels with the romantic atmosphere you need for a romantic dinner. We recommend the “Cabane du Fou Chantant”, where you can dine alone in a children's cabin or “L'Inattendu” and its dark and cosy atmosphere.

A cultural Valentine's Day

Faithful to the Belgian spirit, full of humour and generosity, the capital also hosts a number of romantic and/or offbeat events on Valentine's Day.

Have a look at the "Brussels I Love You": a Contemporary Art Walk which, around the Valentine's Day weekend, invites you to immerse yourself in contemporary art. Finally, the event not to be missed is, without a doubt, the Bright Brussels: a fascinating tour of bright installations that make the city centre absolutely magical… free and enchanting.

From the Valentine's Day restaurant in Brussels to the temporary demonstration, there are a thousand ways to experience the Belgian capital at the time of love. Gourmet, offbeat, romantic, magical, the city is in tune with Cupid and promises you moments full of emotion.

A warm Valentine's Day...

If the weather decides to be grey, it would be a good excuse to take refuge in the comfort of charming hotels or in the warmth of a spa... Hotel "Le Berger" and its unique rooms in an inimitable Art deco-boudoir spirit is ideal for lovey-dovey conversations in the cosy warmth.

Several spas hide in the city centre of Brussels:

● The “Deep Nature Spa”, located at the Quai des Péniches, with its view of the Canal is a cocoon that offers all the facilities: swimming pool, sauna, hammam, jacuzzi and sensory showers. Spend an afternoon in a bathing suit and bathrobe, even in the middle of winter!

● The “Lys Spa” allows you to enjoy a moment of relaxation for two. Located in the heart of the capital, a stone's throw from the Porte de Namur, in a Louis XV style decoration, this place is a real break for 2 to 4 hours of pure happiness for yourself.

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