Health situation coronavirus - Travel Recommendations in France and Belgium

To guarantee maximal safety to its clients and employees, Izy has taken some exceptional health measures. It is mandatory to wear a face mask on board of all trains, regardless of your destination. If you do not wear a mask, you could get fined €95, excepting persons who have a medical prescription and presented this to the Train Manager before boarding. 


In addition, you must have a booking for the train you want to take to be allowed on board. 


The health authorities in the countries that are served by Izy have given different recommendations regarding travelling. The information on our website reflects the information that was given by the French and Belgian health authorities. These are bound to evolve; we therefore strongly recommend you visit their websites. 


  • If you are travelling to France with IZY, you’ll need to present: 
    • The negative result of an RT-PCR test or an antigen test that was performed less than 72 hours before departure (mandatory for all passengers older than 10). An exception is provided for travelers who can present a certificate proving complete vaccination with one of the vaccines recognized by the European Medicines Agency.
    • A declaration on honor stating that you are not showing any symptoms of Covid-19 and that, to the best of your knowledge, you have not been in contact with any person with a confirmed case of Covid-19 during the 14 days prior to your trip.
We’d like to invite you to look up all measures on the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
For more details, exceptions and regularly updated information, please visit the website of the ministère de l’Europe et des Affaires étrangères.
  • If you are traveling to Belgium with IZY, you’ll need to:
    • Fill out a Passenger Locator Form within the 48 hours before your arrival in Belgium. This rule applies to everyone who stayed outside of Belgium for at least 48 hours. You can find the form and all additional information on
For more details, exceptions and regularly updated information, please visit the website of the FPS Foreign Affairs.

Thalys mobilized for the health safety of its passengers

The safety, well-being and health of our customers and employees are at the heart of Thalys’ concerns. 
In this unprecedented crisis and before the gradual resumption of our activities, Thalys has decided to take strict health and safety measures. They apply in all our Thalys and IZY trains, on every journey, for all destinations served. 
"After almost eight weeks of confinement, we are all impatient to move around more freely. As an international carrier, we have an important responsibility. This is why we have decided to make three commitments to our customers and employees in order to gradually resume our services: 
  • maximum safety, through the compulsory wearing of masks and respect for barrier gestures, 
  • maximum hygiene thanks to a thorough, reinforced cleaning routine of all areas on board our trains,
  • maximum support and protection, through the mobilization of all our teams and employees for our customers.
These commitments are a priority for all of us." said Bertrand Gosselin, CEO of Thalys.



Maximum safety  


Since 4 May, Thalys requires all passengers on board its trains throughout its network to wear masks ("general public" masks). Customers who are not wearing masks are not authorized onboard our trains.


Verification of the ticket and the wearing of the mask are carried out at the time of boarding. 


To protect both, our customers and employees, Thalys encourages everyone to adopt barrier gestures:

  • Avoid contact with other passengers.
  • Wash your hands regularly.
  • Cough or sneeze into your elbow.
  • Use disposable wipes and tissues.
  • Stay at your seat and limit moving around in the train during your journey.
  • Maintain a safe distance of at least 1 m.

In addition, Thalys provides the necessary facilities for washing your hands in the toilets of its trains.





Reinforced hygiene


A thorough cleaning and preventive disinfection routine of all areas on board our trains are carried out every time the train arrives at the station or in the workshop, i.e. several times a day. 


The surfaces preventive disinfection measures particularly focus on, are: 

  • Passenger areas: shelves, door handles, ventilation grills under windows, blind bars, bin lids.
  • Sanitary facilities: all surfaces (toilets, washbasins, ventilation grids).
  • Platforms: handrails, door handles, push buttons, bin lids, service telephones, glass surfaces.
  • Bar area: tables, push buttons, door handles, bin lids, ventilation grills under windows.




Personnel mobilized to support and protect our customers


Since the first days of the Covid-19 confinement measures, Thalys has raised awareness and trained all its employees to adopt barrier gestures. A health watch for all employees was set up in March. 


For the protection of its employees, Thalys has provided them with masks. At boarding, bollard devices fitted with protective glass have been installed. In addition, should a customer present Covid-19 symptom on board a Thalys, the Train Manager could isolate them by providing a surgical mask. The Train Manager would also immediately inform the company's Operations Centre, which would coordinate the information of the competent health authorities. 

Commercial measures in case of a travel ban between France and Belgium due to COVID-19: 
If the French and Belgian authorities decide to prohibit travel between the two countries*, IZY will reimburse the travellers for the period in question.

* At the moment, all travel bans between France and Belgium have been lifted.