Health situation coronavirus - Travel Recommendations in France and Belgium

Since July 1st, the European digital COVID certificate is in effect within the European Union. This health pass, applicable to all the countries IZY and Thalys connect (France, Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands), certifies that a person has been fully vaccinated against Covid-19, that they are in possession of a negative Covid-19 test result or that they have recovered from the disease.  


The safety, well-being and health of our customers and employees are at the heart of IZYs concerns. Therefore, being in possession of both a mask and a valid European digital COVID certificate is a requirement to access our trains. Travellers who originate for a country outside of the EU are required to show a comparable document. This rule applies to every journey, regardless of the destination. 


The validity of your European digital COVID certificate may be subject to controls by IZY staff and/or the local authorities. Invalid certificates can lead to fines and refusal of access to the territory.


Please note that the certificates are often a prerequisite to gain access to different venues and activities such as hotels, restaurants, entertainment etc. in the cities and countries IZY connects, as well.  


To help you prepare for your next IZY-journey, we have compiled an overview of the most important entry-requirements per country below.  


For a comprehensive list of all health and safety measures as well as exceptions, we recommend you consult 





The European digital Covid certificate is a digital proof that a person has either:  


  • been fully vaccinated against Covid-19; 
  • is in possession of a negative Covid-19 test result; 
  • or has recovered from the disease. 

The certificate is issued by national authorities in every EU-national language and in English. It is always free of charge and valid for use throughout the entire EU. 

The European digital Covid certificate can be stored on your mobile device and contains a QR code with a unique digital signature to protect it against falsification. 






France and Belgium have developed national software and apps to issue and store your certificates: 



Storage app 




Covidsafe BE 


When the certificate is checked, the QR code is scanned, and the digital signature verified. Certificate signatures can be verified across the EU via a specially designed gateway. The data of the certificate holder does not pass through this gateway, as it is not necessary to verify the digital signature.  


  • You don’t need to download different national storage apps when travelling, your national app can be verified across Europe. 


Do keep in mind that the digital certificate only serves to prove that you are fully vaccinated, have recovered or have tested negative. The validity of your digital certificate may vary depending on the entry requirements of each country. Some countries might have additional entry requirements that are not covered by the app, for example additional registration documents. 






As from 9 August, travellers entering or re-entering France, need to present a valid European digital COVID certificate according to French entry requirements and wear a mask. If you can prove via your certificate, that you are fully vaccinated, you should also carry a declaration on honour stating that you are not showing any symptoms of Covid-19 and that, to the best of your knowledge, you have not been in contact with any person with a confirmed case of Covid-19 during the 14 days prior to your trip. 


Please be mindful that these rules can change at any time as the public health context evolves. We therefore encourage you to find out more about the French entry requirements, specific measures for high-risk areas and possible exceptions on the website of the Ministry of the Interior. 





When traveling or returning to Belgium with IZY, travellers are required to present a valid European digital COVID certificate according to Belgian entry requirements and wear a maskIn addition, they need to complete the Passenger Locator Form (PLF) within 48 hours preceding their arrival in Belgium. You can find this form and more information via 

These entry requirements are subject to change and can be adapted at any time according to the public health context. Please consult the website for more details about the Belgian entry requirements, specific measures for high-risk areas and possible exceptions. 

Thalys mobilized for the health safety of its passengers

The safety, well-being and health of our customers and employees are at the heart of Thalys’ concerns. 
In this unprecedented crisis and before the gradual resumption of our activities, Thalys has decided to take strict health and safety measures. They apply in all our Thalys and IZY trains, on every journey, for all destinations served. 
"After almost eight weeks of confinement, we are all impatient to move around more freely. As an international carrier, we have an important responsibility. This is why we have decided to make three commitments to our customers and employees in order to gradually resume our services: 
  • maximum safety, through the compulsory wearing of masks and respect for barrier gestures, 
  • maximum hygiene thanks to a thorough, reinforced cleaning routine of all areas on board our trains,
  • maximum support and protection, through the mobilization of all our teams and employees for our customers.
These commitments are a priority for all of us." said Bertrand Gosselin, CEO of Thalys.



Commercial measures in case of a travel ban between France and Belgium due to COVID-19: 
If the French and Belgian authorities decide to prohibit travel between the two countries*, IZY will reimburse the travellers for the period in question.

* At the moment, all travel bans between France and Belgium have been lifted.