Booking a ticket

(14 questions)

Want to buy an IZY ticket? Got a question about your booking? You’ve already got your ticket but your plans have changed?



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A question about our fares? Any hesitation between the folding or the standard seat? Care to know more about the Standard XL option?



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Do you want to travel with an extra bag? Taking your dog with you on your journey? Care for a comfort upgrade? 



(4 questions)

You need to be sure of the maximum size of your luggage? Wish to take more things with you than planned? Travelling with a large object?  

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Boarding and ticket inspection

(9 questions)

Which stations do the trains call at? What is the boarding procedure? Is it possible to pay for my options on board? 


Questions & Complaints

(8 questions)

Is your train delayed? Did you lose something on the train? Is your e-voucher not working? Find out what to do in case of complaints or questions.


Your on-board experience

(9 questions)

A train journey is a great opportunity to enjoy a pleasant and relaxing moment. In order for everyone to enjoy this moment, we invite you to familiarise yourself with some on-board guidelines to guarantee a peaceful journey for all passengers.


Website and mobile app

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Would you like to subscribe to the newsletter? Have you encountered difficulties with our website? A problem with the mobile app?

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I am a Thalys customer

(3 questions)

Can I take advantage of the benefits offered by My Thalys World? Is there a flexibility of access between IZY trains and Thalys trains?