Transport Terms and Conditions


For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions,

  • ‘IZY’ means the train services operating within France and Belgium, as well as the various marks and distinctive signs used under the brand name IZY or IZY Thalys.
  • ‘THI Factory’ means the public companypublic limited liability company registered under Belgian law having its corporate headquarters on Place Stéphanie, 20 in 1050 Brussels (TVA BE 541.696.005, RPM Bruxelles), which holds a railway company license and a safety certificate in France and in Belgium allowing it to operate on the Belgian and French  railway network lines to provide transport services to travelerPassengers between France and Belgium.
  • ‘Thalys International’ is the name of a cooperative limited liability company registered under Belgian law and having its corporate headquarters on Place Stéphanie, 20 in 1050 Brussels (TVA BE 0455.370.557, RPM Bruxelles). It is the company in charge of developing and guiding the implementation of the policy for offering services to TravelerPassengers on the high speed trains Thalys and the IZY trains with a view to expanding the business activities of France’s SNCF (Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français) and Belgium’s SNCB (Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Belges) national rail companies.
  • ‘Passenger’ means any person traveling on board an IZY train
  • ‘Carrier’ means THI Factory
  • ‘Thalys’ means in the context of these IZY Thalys Transport Terms and Conditions, the company THI Factory SA and/or the company Thalys International SCRL
  • ‘Ticketless’ means a digital travel document ordered on an internet site mentioned in article 2 of these IZY Thalys General Conditions of Carriage and confirmed by the information relating to the trip recorded electronically.
  • ‘Mobile Ticket’ means the Ticketless support on a mobile phone.
  • ‘ IZY e-Voucher’ means the electronic compensation voucher delivered by the IZY Customer Service and usable on IZY.com.
  • ‘Train Manager’ means the conductor who is responsible in particular for checking travel documents and for safety on board.
  • ‘Finding of Irregularity’ means the document prepared by the Train Manager, a copy of which is given to the Passenger if the status of the latter on board is irregular (farediscrepancy, fraud, inappropriate behaviour, etc.).
  • ‘Administrative Fees’ means the expenses relating to drawing up the issuance of the ‘Finding of Irregularity’ by the Train Manager (on top of the amount due to regularise the Passenger’s situation).

PART 1 The Transport Contract

The transport contract of carriage Transport Contract concluded between the TransporterCarrier  and the Traveler Passenger is governed according to the following hierarchical order :

  1. by the Regulations (CE) no.1371/2007 of the European Parliament and the Council dated 23 October 2007 on rights and obligations of TravelerPassengers on Railways ("PRR") : http://eur-lex.europa.eu/LexUriServ
  2. by the Uniform Rules concerning the International Railway Contract of Carriage Transport Contract(‘CIV’) ;
  3. by these IZT Thalys General Conditions of Carriage;
  4. by the General Conditions of Carriage for Railway TravelerPassengers ("GCC-CIV/PRR") ; the GCC-CIV/PRR were developed within the International Committee of Railway Transport (CIT). Their contents can be viewed in French, English and German on the web site of the CIT : www.cit-rail.org.

Transfer between two stations, for example between stations of the same urban area, by a means of transport other than an IZY train (another railway company, plane, bus, tram, metro, taxi, car, etc.), or by foot is not covered by the Transport Contract of Carriage.

PART 2 Travel Document

The Contract of Carriage Transport Contract is established by one or more travel documents issued on a paper or electronic support. A travel document substantiates the Contract of Carriage Transport Contract except if indicated otherwise.

A travel document on paper or electronic support authenticates, unless proven otherwise, the conclusion and the content of the Contract of Carriage. As regards with an electronic travel document, this arrangement is applicable only when the TravelerPassenger can present the information recorded electronically as stated in article 2.5.1.


2.1     Acceptance of the IZY Thalys Transport Terms and Conditions


By acquiring by any means an IZY ticket and/or using the IZY transport service, whatever the support, the TravelerPassenger adheres unreservedly to these IZY Thalys Transport Terms and Conditions.


2.2     Reservation and conditions for using the travel document


To travel with IZY, each Passenger must necessarily be in possession of a travel document with reservation issued in Ticketless form. 

The purchase of a ticket is obligatory before the departure of the train. A Passenger who has reserved a seat (including a folding seat) is obliged to occupy this place within the first 15 minutes following the train’s departure from the initial station for which the reservation was made under penalty of losing his right to a seat and, as the case may be, having his situation regularised in accordance with article 2.5 of these conditions.

If the Passenger boards an IZY train without having a travel document with reservation for the given train, he must go immediately to the Train Manager to regularise his situation.

Seated places are allocated according to availability.

Travel documents can only be used for a given route on the date and in the train route of origin to destination shown, and for the category of seats indicated.

When purchasing travel documents, the Passenger is obliged to check that the fare, date, departure time, route and origin-destination mentioned on the travel document and options in fact correspond to his order.


2.2.1 Preamble


Thalys has created and managed a service intended for Passengers that is called Ticketless (hereinafter called the ‘Service’ or ‘Ticketless’). Anyone requesting access to the Service is considered to have agreed unreservedly to the conditions of the given Service. They constitute an integral part of the IZY Thalys Transport Terms and Conditions.


2.2.2 Purpose of the Service


Ticketless is a service which allows persons wishing to make one or several trips aboard IZY trains to travel without having a travel document in physical form under the conditions set out below. The common name of Ticketless is ‘virtual ticket’ and it replaces the traditional paper ticket. The underlying transport contract is dematerialised and the information relating to the trip (name of the Passenger, date and time of the trip, departure and arrival stations, category of seats, options,…) are recorded in electronic form that can be viewed via various channels and can be verified in accordance with what is written in article 2.5.


2.2.3 Conditions of access


The Service is accessible only to Passengers having made a reservation and paid the respective price of the trip. Ticketless reservations are personal, in the Passenger’s name and non-transferable.


2.2.4 Limitations and territory


An IZY ticketless reservation is only valid on IZY trains.


2.2.5 Booking confirmation


An instant travel confirmation is sent by email for every Ticketless purchase. This confirmation provides the passenger with a record of  all the information relating to his trip (name of the Passenger, date, hour, number of the train, seat number,  etc.). As the case may be, aside from the travel confirmation the Passenger receives in addition a confirmation of the purchase from the distributor by email.  

As the case may be, the Passenger receives an email containing information if there is a disruption of IZY Thalys traffic relating to his trip. If the Passenger communicated his mobile phone number and selected the paid ‘SMS’ option when he made his reservation, he will receive on his mobile phone and before the departure of his train, (i) an SMS reminder and (ii) information if there is an interruption of IZY traffic, to the extent possible. If he so wishes, a Passenger having a smartphone can download the IZY mobile app and add his Ticketless containing his identification bar code on board.


2.2.7 Liabilities


Thalys cannot be held responsible for missing, delayed, lost or poor distribution of the email/SMS nor for their dispatch to a wrong address, for unavailability or poor functioning of the Service, for problems of telephone and internet connection which delay or prevent the execution of the obligations for which it is responsible in the context of the Ticketless service. Although Thalys tries to ensure that all the information communicated to the Passenger is correct, Thalys cannot be held responsible for errors relating to content of information or for their possible consequences. Thalys cannot be held responsible for fraudulent use of  Ticketless travel documents.


2.3     Purchase


2.3.1. Travel documents

Except for special arrangements, the IZY Thalys travel documents can be purchased by the Passenger :

via the internet on the websites IZY.com,  voyages-sncf.com or b-europe.com and online train booking agents affiliated by SNCF or SNCB. ;

the mobile version of the site IZY.com and the IZY mobile app.

As the case may be, administrative expenses can be added and remain for the account of the Passenger.

Lost or stolen travel documents are neither replaced nor reimbursed.

The fares are on sale two months prior to the date of departure. Sales are shut down, depending on the fare, between 5 and 15 minutes before the departure of the  IZY train concerned. For sales on the platform in a situation of immediate departure or sales on board, a surcharge may applicable.

The price of purchase of a travel document includes the transport and, as the case may be, specific optional services.


2.3.2. Use of IZY Thalys e-Vouchers

IZY Thalys e-Vouchers are valid 12 months as from their date of issue and only on IZY international routes. They can only be used on the IZY.com website.

If a Passenger purchases a travel document with one (or several)  IZY Thalys e-Voucher(s) :

- having a value greater than the price of the travel document concerned, the difference shall be lost once and for all ;

- having a value below the price of the travel document concerned, the difference must be paid, either by entering other IZY Thalys e-Vouchers or by bank card.

A maximum of five (5) IZY Thalys e-Vouchers can be used per order.


2.4     Ticket inspections on the platform or on board and management of irregular situations


1)         Before boarding the tra, during the procedure of screening and checks on the platform, and/or during the entire trip, the Passenger must be prepared to present his travel document and, as the case may be, the supporting documents linked to the conditions of his travel (for example, the document certifying his right to special fares, identity card, etc.).


A Passenger is authorised to travel only if he has made a Ticketless reservation and can present a confirmation of a valid reservation in his name during ticket inspection, namely :

- a printed email confirmation of the trip including a 2D barcode, or

- a MobileTicket if the client downloaded the travel document on his mobile phone

Only the computer records in the Thalys Information System are authentic.


2)         Possession and/or the validity of travel documents (including that of supporting documents) is verified on the platform and/or on board by the IZY staff. As the case may be, the identity of the Passenger can also be checked. Anyone, including a person having a valid travel document, who violates the conditions of reservation and/or use of his travel document, and/or who behaves in a way that can threaten the safety of the train and/or the comfort of other Passengers, can be refused boarding or be excluded from the train without right of reimbursement of the price of transport. On board, a Passenger who does not possess a valid travel document (or who is not in possession of supporting documents related to his trip) must report on his own initiative to the Train Manager, who will resolve his situation based on the reference price for the comfort class in question, plus boarding  charges  of  €20  (in  cash  or  by  debit  card  – cheques  are  not  accepted).  Failing  immediate  payment,  the  Passenger  could  be  refused  boarding  or  excluded  from  Transport,  without  prejudice  to  the  drafting  of  a Finding of Irregularity as  set  forth  below,  with  no  compensation  for  the  Passenger  being  admissible.  In  this  instance,  a  fixed  sum  of  €40  for  case charges will be added to the surcharged on-board rate as described above.


Failing immediate payment by the customer of the sum requested, and/or in an obvious case of fraud, and/or in the event of behaviour likely to prejudice the safety of the train and/or the comfort of  the  Passengers,  the  Train  Manager  will  draw  up  an  irregularity  report  on  presentation  of  an  identity  document  and  leave  a copy  with  the  Passenger.  This  Finding of Irregularity might generate additional charges and/or later court proceedings, without prejudice to any damages and interest, which will remain the Passenger’s responsibility. In similar cases, holders of an entitlement to special rates, a season ticket, or other, will also incur the risk of immediate withdrawal of their entitlement and of the document establishing this entitlement, and are liable for payment of the administrative charges. In the event of clear fraud during a Ticketless trip, any unused Ticketless will not be refunded. If the Passenger has not paid on board the sum required to resolve his situation, and does not make payment within 15 days, either   by   bank   transfer,   or   by   paying   online   at   thalys.com   (via   the   following   link www.thalys.com/fine),  supplementary  charges  of  €150  will  be  claimed  from  him  for  a  first  reminder  and,  following  the  second  reminder,  the  case  file  will  be  sent  to  a  bailiff  and/or  a  debt collection agency.

3)         IZY Passengers are obliged to be present on the platform 30 minutes before the departure time of the train. Failing that, access to the train may be refused. Boarding closes definitely 10 minutes before departure.


2.5     Availability


All IZY trains do not offer the same ftravel options or number of seats for the different travel  options.  The  lowest  cost  fares  are  available  in  limited  quantities. It is therefore advisable to purchase your ticket as early as possible according to the conditions of the price category in order to improve your chances of traveling at an advantageous price.


2.6     Exchange and refund


The IZY fares are non-exchangeable, non-refundable.


2.7     Carrier's liability


2.7.1. Liability in case of physical injury to persons


In case of death or injury of the Passenger during the performance of the transport, THI Factory is liable to Passengers for operating the service provided on the Belgian and French rail networks ;

Carriers’ liability (specifically including causes for exemption), and the compensation payable by them under this article, are governed by the provisions of part 11 of the GCC-CIV/PRR.


2.7.2. Liability in the event of personal damage to property


In  the  event  of  the  death  or  injury  of  Passengers,  the  Carrier  is  also  liable  for  damage  resulting  from  the  total  or  partial  loss  of  the  personal  effects  which  the  Passenger  had  with  him, either on his person, or with him as hand luggage under the provisions of part 12 of the GCC-CIV/PRR.


2.7.3. Liability in case of failure to respect schedules : policy in case of delay, missed connections and cancellations Indemnification in case of delay

The Carrier applies the minimal requirements of article 17 of the PRR for Passengers. The maximum value of an e-Voucher is €50. As the case may be, the Passenger can receive several IZY e-Vouchers up to the full amount of the compensation.

Delay is calculated taking into account the difference in time between the time when the Passenger should have arrived as indicated by the schedule on his transport agreement and his actual time of arrival.

For any delay of an IZY train equal to or greater than 60 or 120 minutes, the Carrier offers Passengers a compensation in IZY e-Vouchers having a value respectively of 25 or 50% of the paid ticket price. The IZY e-Vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of issuance.

Passengers who want to obtain compensation in cash will receive a bank transfer or reimbursement on their credit card.

Any claim for compensation must be made through the form that is available online.

No compensation will be paid for amounts under €4.

The Passenger is not entitled to compensation if he was informed of the delay before purchasing the ticket or if, during the trip, the delay is less than 60 minutes at the station of arrival. Rerouting and assistance

In accordance with article 32 CIV (scheme of special right of exoneration from railway regulations), also attached to the PRR, Carriers are not obliged to reroute or assist Passengers as defined respectively by article 16 and article 18 PRR when the delay, the missed connection or the cancellation is due to one of the following causes :

1.         circumstances outside the railway operations that the Carrier, in spite of having taken the care required in the particular circumstances of the case, could not avoid and the consequences of which he could not prevent, or

2.         a fault of the Passenger, or

3.         the behaviour of a third party that the Carrier, in spite of having taken the care required in the particular circumstances of the case could not avoid and the consequences of which he could not prevent; another company using the same railway infrastructure not being considered as a third party; the right of recourse is not affected.


2.8     Minors


For safety reasons, children under the age of 12 are not authorised to travel alone on board IZY trains. Permission  to  board  IZY trains  for  children  aged  under  12  and  travelling  unaccompanied  will  therefore  be  refused  categorically.  If  parents  or  legal  guardians  still  leave  the  child  unaccompanied  on  the  platform, Thalys will be forced to contact the Police, who alone are authorised to take charge of the child.


Children under 12 are authorised to travel in the company of an adult or of a child aged between 12 and 18.


Any minor (under 18 years of age) travels under the responsibility of his parents or legal guardians. Parents or legal guardians are obliged to obtain information from the competent national authorities in order to ensure that their child is in possession of the documents required to authorise him to cross borders.


2.9     Passengers travelling in a wheelchair


  1. Upon presentation of supporting documents, assistance during boarding is available for passengers travelling in a wheelchair who indicate their status when purchasing their travel document and who inform the station prior to departure by calling :


-           In Belgium: +32 (0)2 528 28 28 (no later than 48 hours prior to their trip), cost of a local call per the rates of the telephone operator ;

-           In France : +33 (0)8 90 64 06 50 (no later than 48 hours prior to their trip), cost of a local call per the rates of the telephone operator, or via www.accessibilite.sncf.com ;


Assistance cannot be guaranteed if it is requested past the deadlines mentioned above.


  1. A special fare is available for persons traveling in a wheelchair. On board IZY trains, these persons benefit from a special wheelchair space in coach number 1. A moveable seat allows them to take their seat easily. Accessible toilets are also available in that coach.
  2. Persons accompanying travellers in a wheelchair benefit from a special ‘Companion’ fare on condition suitable evidence of the need for such assistant is presented.


2.10   Traveling with a pet


Small dogs and domestic animals can travel for free on board IZY trains if they are transported in a container having dimensions no greater than 55x30x30cm. This container is considered to be hand luggage of the Passenger (cf. arti 2.11.1). Guide dogs assisting blind people and assistance dogs also travel free of charge.


Dogs which are not transported in a container are admitted on board only by purchasing a travel document per the ‘Animals’ option and if they travel on the knees or are kept on a leash on the floor of the railcar and muzzled so as to avoid disturbing those around.  Upon the request of another Passenger, the Train Manager can have the animal and its owner moved to another part of the train.


2.11    Luggage


Objects and suitcases transported by Passengers remain their entire responsibility during the entire trip (including when placed in the luggage spaces situated between coaches) and must be labeled with the last name and first name of the Passengers.


2.11.1 Authorised baggage allowance without surcharge


Each Passenger is allowed to bring on board without payment of a supplement:

-   one piece of ‘hand luggage’ meeting the following dimensions: width : 27cm, height 36cm, depth 15cm and weighing a maximum of 10 kg. Any animal container satisfying the aforementioned dimensions as well as pushchairs or a folded folding bicycle are considered as ‘hand luggage.’ Pushchairs must be folded and placed in the storage space situated in the car in which the Passenger has reserved his seat.

-   one piece of 'cabin luggage' meeting the following dimensions : width - 35cm, height - 55cm and depth - 25cm, weighing a maximum of 32kg


2.11.2 Additional or bulky luggage carried for supplemental charges


Any bulky luggage or other item (a bicycle in its cover, a pair of skis, a musical instrument, a surfboard or a golf  bag) which is no longer than 2 metres and not heavier than 32 kg is allowed on board IZY trains subject to the Passenger having subscribed and paid the luggage option when making his reservation.

If there was no such reservation, boarding of the given luggage can be authorised only by immediate payment of a regularisation fee of  €30 to the Train Manager.


If this luggage regularisation fee is not paid, the Passenger may be refused boarding the  IZY train without right to reimbursement of the ticket price.


Bulky luggage must be stored in the baggage space located at the ends of each coach. Musical instruments must be transported in (preferably rigid) cases, and they must not be longer than 2m and heavier than 32kg.

Skis, sports boards and golf bags must be protected by covers and must not be longer than 2m and heavier than 32kg.

Bicycles in a protective cover measuring 120x90 cm (front wheel disassembled) are accepted on board subject to space availability in the storage areas located at the ends of each coach.

Luggage presenting a danger to safety and the proper functioning of operations is prohibited. It is also prohibited to bring on board luggage presenting a danger to the train or any person on board, as well as other objects or substances which are banned under national law of the country of origin and/or destination and/or the country through which the Passenger passes on his route.


2.12 Sundry bans:


  • Tobacco products

Consumption of tobacco products is forbidden in IZY trains. Tobacco products or products intended to be smoked or vaporizers (e-cigarettes), if they even partially consist of tobacco or nicotine are strictly forbidden as well. The sole exception are products designed for medical use.

Upon violation of this prohibition, a fine of €200 shall be due from the Passenger and the Train Manager will prepare a Finding of Irregularity in accordance with article 2.4.2 §2.   

  • Damage to train equipment

It is forbidden to damage or soil the interior or exterior of the train. In case of violations, a minimum fine of €60 shall be due from the Passenger, without prejudice to the right to claim from him a greater amount depending on the expenses actually incurred. 

  • Delays caused by a Passenger

It is forbidden to make unjustified use of the alarm signal in the train, or, more generally, to commit any unjustified act causing a delay of the train. In case of violations, the Passenger shall be assessed a fine €10 per minute of delay of the train, with a minimum of €60, without prejudice to the right to claim from him a higher amount depending on the expenses actually incurred. 


2.13   Complaints


2.13.1 Complaints for delay, missed connections or cancellations


The request for compensation in case of delay, missed connections or cancellations as provided in point 2.7 must be submitted within two months following the delay on IZY.com using the form intended for this purpose in which one should give the reference of the reservation composed of six letters.

For compensation by bank transfer, the IBAN and BIC codes must accompany the request for compensation.


2.13.2 Claims in case of physical injury to persons


Claims relating to physical injury must be addressed in writing to THI Factory (Place Stéphanie 20, 1050 Bruxelles), within 12 months counting from the moment when the entitled person became aware of the injury.  To be admitted, the claim must contain a medical certificate attesting to the injuries claimed.


2.13.3. Miscellaneous provisions


Depending on the nature of the claim, additional documents may be requested.

Submitting a claim does not systematically result in an indemnification.


2.14   Entirety and severability of the clauses


If it turns out that one part of these Conditions is not valid or cannot be executed, this shall not under any circumstances affect the validity or exigibility requirements of the remaining conditions, which remain applicable to the extent possible.

For any legal actions directed against Thalys International and/or THI Factory that are not based on the transport agreement, Belgian law is exclusively applicable. All law suits shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Brussels. 



3.1     Scope of application


All tickets are issued for the Paris-Brussels connection.

IZY Thalys tickets are not valid in other international trains (including Thalys trains).


3.2     Formulas


The IZY tickets are issued for a single class of standard comfort. Please note that IZY tickets are not exchangeable or refundable.






Standard Adult


This formula gives you right to a seat assigned in one of the railcars coaches identified as ‘ standard, ‘ meaning cars 5 to 8.

Folding seat

This formula gives you access to fold-down seats located on the  platforms between coachesrailcars. These folding seats are numbered. The client is obliged to use the folding seat that has been assigned to him. Any change of place seat must be done wtih the prior consent of the Train Manager when he passes down the train.

These places, which have limited comfort, are not advisable for persons with reduced mobility, for pregnant women, for frail persons, for children less than 12 years old and for the aged.

It is not possible to book this ticket type with the Kid fare since this seat is not recommended for children under the age of 12. You can however purchase a normal price ticket for your child under your own responsibility.

Non-guaranteed seat

This formula does not give you access to a guarantiedguaranteed seat. The client is invited to come to railcar coach 4 (boarding via railcarcoach 5) in the centrecenter of the train. In case there are seats available in standard comfort matching the number of travelerPassengers who have chosen this formula, after the departure of the train the Train Manager can proceed with seating the travelerPassengers. Under no circumstances can a seat be requested ofto the  train staff.

This formula, with very limited comfort, is strongly discouraged for persons with reduced mobility, and particularly for pregnant women, frail persons, children less than 12 years old and the aged.

It is not possible to book this ticket type with the Kid fare since this seat is not recommended for children under the age of 12. You can however purchase a normal price ticket for your child under your own responsibility.



This formula applies to children between 4 and 11 years old, as well as to children less than 4 for whom a seat of their own is desired. Children less than 12 years of age must be accompanied by at least one person authorised to travel alone. Their age must be proven upon request.

The Kid fare is not applicable for non-guaranteed and folding seats. You can however purchase a normal price ticket for your child under your own responsibility.


A specific fare subject to availability providing access to seats located in coach 1 specially designed for passengers travelling in a wheelchair. This fare is valid upon presentation of supporting documents.


A specific formula intended for travellers accompanying persons travelling in a wheelchair with suitable evidence of the need for such assistance. The formula is valid for one companion in each case.





.3.3 Additional paid options


3 paid options are offered on the IZY trains.


The Standard XL option  provides access to specific seats situated in coaches 1, 2 and 3. The assigned seats are wider and more comfortable than those offered for the ‘standard’ fare in order to ensure greater comfort for the Passenger. No additional service is linked with this option, this seat or this location.


The SMS option gives one the right to an information SMS sent in advance of the trip. This SMS contains all the information necessary for the journey: schedule, train number, coach, seat and traffic information, as the case may be. This is strictly an informational SMS  and it does not replace the travel document, which must in all circumstances be presented to the Train Manager before boarding the train.


The pet option allows you to travel with one domestic animal not kept in a container measuring 55 x 30 x 30 cm. Animals must be kept on a leash on the floor of the railcar and muzzled so as to avoid disturbing those around. Guide dogs are not subject to this option and travel free of charge. The transport of small dogs and other domestic animals in a container measuring 55 x 30 x 30 cm is also free of charge.  


3.4. Children


Children under the age of 4 travel free of charge so long as they do not claim a seat for themselves.


Children aged 4 to 11, as well as younger children for whom you wish to book an assigned seat, pay the price of the special KID fare (see points 2.8 and 3.2).


3.5 Purchase of travel documents on the platform or in the train


The ‘standard’ and ‘kids’ formulas can be purchased on the platform. A supplement of  €20 will be requested in addition to the reference fare.


3.6 Prices and conditions


The prices and other conditions of the tickets are as communicated on the IZY.com website.

No exchange or refund shall be granted.